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A realistic approach to a low FODMAP diet

Amy, Root's Functional Dietitian, reviews how to do a short term low FODMAP diet

What's included?

  • 26 minute video presentation
  • Low Fodmap Food Plan
  • Food Reintroduction handout
  • Fodmap Types Guide
  • Simplified low Fodmap Diet

Low FODMAP is meant to be a short term diet.

Understand how to use this to relieve symptoms, while addressing the Root Causes of IBS.

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Meet the instructor

Amy Masterson, MS, RD

Amy is a registered dietitian and functional nutritionist. She is a certified LEAP therapist and completed training on FODMAPs with Monash University, as well as PCOS nutrition. Amy enjoys simplifying the complex science of nutrition by focusing on real, whole foods in meals that are made at home. She believes that food is meant to nourish our bodies and give us energy to do the things we want to do. She has experience teaching many different meal prep classes and is passionate about nutrition and skin health.
Patrick Jones - Course author