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Our team of specialized MD's, dietitians, and dietitian chefs have helped hundreds of women improve their symptoms.    

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Our team of MD's, dietitians, and dietitian chefs have helped hundreds of women improve their symptoms. We believe in treating health problems at the root cause. 

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No extremes here! We will never tell you to eliminate gluten & dairy and never enjoy life again. 

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We have helped hundreds of women feel better. Let us help you stop cravings, regulate your period, lose weight, and feel confident about managing your health! 

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"The staff at Root are changing healthcare (for the better)! Previous providers told that I might never have regular periods and that my only option was to take medication for the rest of my life. After doing my own research and trusting my instincts, I disagreed. I tried to balance my hormones on my own and though I had some success, I was still struggling with symptoms related to hormone imbalance. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Root and Kelsey Stricklen, RD. Kelsey's expertise and "test, don't guess" approach led to specific insight into my body & what was unbalanced. She offered practical solutions to help me heal and I am now having regular periods. I wish I knew Kelsey and the team at Root 10 years ago but I am thankful to work with them now!"
"I suffered for years with autoimmune disorders, PCOS, and the list goes on. I thank my lucky stars that I found Root Functional Medicine. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Erica Armstrong, and Kelsey Stricklen who guided me on all the lifestyle and dietary changes through this healing journey. I can honestly say, the root team helped me more in 3 months than any conventional doctor in 15 years of searching for answers. We found the root cause to my health problems and they guided me on the steps to take back to health. I am forever grateful to Dr. Armstrong and Kelsey.Thank you Root Functional Medicine. You helped me get my life back, and I can finally be the best version of myself in a healthy life. (with no meds)!"
"After going off of birth control my period disappeared; it's been 2.5 years since I last had one. Western medicine doctors told me that I was at risk for never getting it back or having my own kids, one told me that I probably have PCOS; they all wanted to put a band aid on the issue by putting me back on the pill, which I knew was just damaging my body. I went on my own self study and learned a lot about the female body and hormones, but still was struggling to solve this myself. After three months of working with Dr. Erica Armstrong, I GOT MY PERIOD BACK!! She got to the ROOT cause by testing my gut, then putting me on a protocol for SIBO, plus she had so much faith and belief in me and my body to heal naturally. 10/10 recommend. Health is an investment, not an expense. It's worth every penny."